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What do we mean when we say learning? Learning is usually understood to mean the acquisition of some kind of knowledge or skill either through its study, by practice or even by experience. There are different domains of learning, such as cognitive, affective and psychomotor.

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Habituation is the earliest and the simplest type of learning. It has been observed in the youngest of infants and across the animal kingdom. Learning can be defined as an enduring change in the behaviour of a subject that is attributable to a specific experience. Habituation describes the decrease in intensity of a subject’s response to an experience, or stimulus, when repeated. Habituation is a learned regulation of behaviour and must not be confused with the diminished response of a subject due to sensory adaptation or motor fatigue.

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Active learning

Active learning has largely replaced traditional teaching over the past two decades. The term has grown to encompass a range of teaching methods, suitable for all ages and abilities. “Learning through doing” is the core principle behind the concept, building on the premise that experience is better than dry theory, and learning by rote, which depends on memory, may result in a superficial understanding of a subject.

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